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Cannes comeback for 2023 as big events and tourists return

© Jim Thirion

Cannes, one of the world’s most famous cities, is anticipated to rank among the top travel destinations in France in 2023. More than 300 million nights were reportedly spent by tourists in France from April to September of 2022, which is a striking example of the country’s rising tourist appeal.

The return of events and conferences to the French Riviera following the pandemic is one of the factors contributing to Cannes’ anticipated increase in popularity. With the relaxation of restrictions on mass gatherings, Cannes, which is recognised for hosting significant events like the Cannes Film Festival and the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, is prepared to host these occasions once more. This will subsequently draw a large number of tourists to the city and improve business sentiment.

In addition to the return of events, the summer season in 2023 could see a larger influx of European and American tourists than the previous year. With the city’s attractiveness for business and leisure, people from all over the world are eager to visit Cannes and experience its stunning beaches, delicious cuisine, and rich culture. With so much to offer, it’s no wonder that Cannes is expected to be a top tourist destination in France in 2023.

Overall, Cannes and the French Riviera have a promising future. Cannes has plenty to offer everyone, whether you’re interested in culture, art, or simply soaking in the sun. It’s a destination not to be missed.